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It happens that when I am moved, I’m taken over by an unstoppable Monster. It’s grafted with the Martian dating posts and the Mulholland post.There are interrelated offshoots of each growing out wildly and pressing against my head. I’ll lure you with nudity in order to get you to the bottom of this post.It’s always oceans with us, the vast beauty of possibility and lands beyond.Freezer is the only man to date who can get me to stop feeling sorry for myself.Against orders, Henry probes a racketeering case and is in a Brooklyn tavern when beautiful Julia comes in with a well-trained Doberman Pinscher.She – with the dog’s aid – proceeds to rob the place… More complications ensue with a “battle of the sexes” undertone. This offbeat western finds an escaped desperado (Clark Gable) holed up in a desert ghost town, inhabited only by four beautiful young widows and their flinty, gun-totin’ mother-in-law (Jo Van Fleet).Freddie Bartholomew, Madeleine Carrol, and Tyrone Power star in the 1936 classic. In Shanghai amidst sino-Japanese warfare, an adventurer (George Sanders) collecting money from gun suppliers falls in loves with a French singer (Dolores Del Rio).

They’re frozen in gallop, a frightening paradox, and none too unlike ideas begging for fruition. And round and around.” But this week, it’s the crazy tree.He’ll tell me he believes in me and remind me how well I do — in life — any time I actually apply myself. I’ll say it’s because he took me for granted (except at the door! And he’ll say he took me for granted because he’d given up on us since I didn’t want children. Not too long after, we said we’d be each other’s back up plan if we were both single when he reached halfway between two momentous ages. I am incidentally, two months away from that semi-momentous birthday. I throw in all that math to detract from the alarming sum of my age.

I have not seen an official Ludwig drums thread for posting Ludwig kits and I thought it was time we had one.… continue reading »

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in France is a huge resort on the Mediterranean with a section that's for all practical purposes a nude city; many thousands can shop, have a haircut, bank, sunbath, etc., without the need for clothes.… continue reading »

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