How to stop genuis updating

04-Jan-2018 14:00

Make a playlist and be the judge of what is great and what isn’t.

How about keeping things interesting by creating collections of music whose contents automatically change as your music collection does? Would you like it if the tunes you hear are selected for you automatically based on a specific song?

After a playlist has been created, you can listen to it, put it on a CD, move it to an i OS device, share it over a network, and so on.

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Cyber camming

You can read more about the security issues surrounding Genius in my new article for the Verge. Genius, formerly known as Rap Genius, is a web site that allows users to annotate blocks of text that appear on other sites.

I’m also firmly of the opinion that we’ll all be better off if functionality like this is handled by a standards body like the W3C, or a non-profit like the Wiki Media Foundation, or at least an open-source software project.